Sunday, February 8, 2015

A bit of the market at Aungpan

A bit late.....again.... 
We`re in India, but finally got some pics edited up from our time at Inle Lake.  We did a day excursion to some Buddhist caves, but the best part was a stop at a small town called Aungpan, where the local Shan people come for their morning market.  Huge!  Block after block of little sellers lining the road, tons of people wandering through buying and bargaining!  Just great, but here`s a small sample. all the people here....these folks were incredibly friendly!

On the way to the market!

This little girl was being taught how to use her 'bargaining fingers' - hand signals that indicate the price.

Check out the weights!

This little one was actually helping her Mum bunch up flowers for sale.

...and this little one was putting vegies in bags for sale!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jumping way ahead to Hsipaw in the north

Internet speeds have been sooooo slow, that adding any blogs with images has been impossible....till now, in our last stop up north at Inle Lake.  Thankfully it's fast enough at the Golden Empress Hotel.
Anyway, here are shots from Hsipaw.
Click on an image to embiggen.

First, a few shots from our trip from Mandalay to Hsipaw:

Passed through a town that was formerly a British Hill Station, now a military school and tourist centre.  They use these 'stagecoaches' to take tourists around.

Just some of the dishes offered at the roadside lunch stop,

Just because.

Typical sight
Small part of the switchbacks we had to cover on the way.  Lots of hills to go up & down & lots of trucks etc.
 ....and now to Hsipaw

Lots of these tractors in various sizes doing work all around town.

Heading into the market

In the day market
Mmmmm...dried scary looking fish....

Pigeon's eggs, I believe.  Very popular all over

Nicely arranged stall

I believe this was dried meat of some sort in bags...
Lots of cats around, many in good shape and affectionate.

A hat guy, retired civil servant.

Lots of hats for sale all over

Big hats too!


All vehicles have their engines exposed

These fish at a temple pool tried to hypnotize us

At a temple gate the same gate

An afternoon snooze at the templ

The big guy with halo